Exapark Amazon Server Discoverer

Exapark Amazon Server Discoverer runs on VMs in Amazon cloud, writes the Private IP addresses of all other VMs under the user's account to the Hosts file and automatically restores the link to the Elastic IP when you stop-and-start a virtual machine.

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Issue and Resolution

Without Amazon Server Discoverer: For example, you have a database server and two application servers in an Amazon cloud, with the application servers addressing the database through a Private IP. If you stop and start the DB server, it will be assigned with a new Private IP. After this, you will need to reconfigure the application servers. If the DB server has an Elastic IP, the latter is unlinked when you stop the server and needs to be reassigned manually.

With Amazon Server Discoverer: In the above case, with Amazon Server Discoverer in place, all server addresses will be automatically registered in the Hosts file and the Elastic IP will be automatically restored. Now you can restart/stop and start your VMs in Amazon Web Services without having to worry about anything.

Server Discoverer Advantages

  • Saving of time and effort spent on manual server configuration after restart
  • Lower risk of error in manual configuration
  • Lower risk of system downtime due to administrator's non-performance or late performance of manual configuration after restart

Supported OS: Windows, Linux

Latest versions

Latest versions of Exapark Server Discoverer are here:







Windows version

Fixed a bug with instances state
Install Guide (all platforms)



Windows version
Linux version

Updated to new version of Amazon API
Install Guide (all platforms)



Windows, Linux

Restoring Elastic IP added
Updated to 1.2



Windows, Linux

Updated to 1.1

For future help please email us to support@exapark.com.

Source codes: http://sourceforge.net/projects/exapark-sds/

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